Premium Service At Local Rates

No matter your reason, whether you need a ride around Dunedin, a tour of our beautiful city and surrounding areas, or an urgent trip to Christchurch or Queenstown, experience it all in our Tesla Model 3. Enjoy the benefits of modern technology in action. The future is electric.

With our smaller, more personal taxi service, you deal directly with the driver, gaining several advantages:

  • Personalized Service: Our drivers manage their own schedules and bookings, providing accurate arrival time estimates. You won’t be just another passenger in a system.
  • Trust and Familiarity: Build a relationship with a driver you know and trust.
  • Local Expertise: With an experienced local driver, you can be confident you won’t be taken the long way and will be charged fair local rates.

Experience the difference with our premium, personalized service.




Discover Dunedin with Our Exclusive Tesla Tours

Explore Dunedin and its stunning surroundings in style and comfort with our exclusive Tesla Model 3 tours. Whether you're a visitor eager to soak in the beauty of this historic city or a local looking for a unique way to experience the area, our tours offer an unparalleled experience that combines luxury, technology, and sustainability.

Why Choose Our Tesla Tours?

  1. Eco-Friendly Travel: Embrace the future with our electric Tesla Model 3, offering a sustainable way to explore the city. Enjoy a guilt-free journey knowing you're reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on comfort or performance.
  2. Personalized Service: Our tours are tailored to your interests and schedule. With a smaller, more intimate service, you deal directly with our knowledgeable drivers, ensuring a personalized experience. Skip the impersonal, large group tours and enjoy a bespoke adventure.
  3. Local Expertise: Our drivers are experienced locals who know Dunedin inside out. They’ll take you on the most scenic routes, share insider tips, and provide fascinating historical and cultural insights that you won’t find in guidebooks.


Tour Highlights

City Landmarks: Visit Dunedin's iconic landmarks, such as the worlds steepest street, Baldwin Street, The University of Otago Clock Tower build, the historic Dunedin Railway Station, and the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Talk a stroll down our newly renovated Georgre Street or relax in the bar of your choice in the center of town, The Octagon, while you enjoy a quiet craft beer.

Coastal Beauty: Discover the breathtaking views from various lookouts around the city, take in the Otago Peninsula, home to unique wildlife like albatrosses and penguins. Our Tesla's panoramic glass roof provides an unobstructed view of the stunning coastline.

Historic Sites: Explore Olveston House, or Larnach Castle, New Zealand's only castle, and learn about its intriguing history while enjoying its beautifully restored gardens.

Tailored Experiences: Have a specific interest or site you want to visit? Let us know, and we’ll craft a tour that perfectly matches your desires.


Comfort and Convenience

Our Tesla Model 3 is designed for a smooth and quiet ride, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sights. With advanced features like autopilot and premium interiors, your journey will be as enjoyable as the destinations.

Book Your Tour Today

Experience Dunedin like never before with our exclusive Tesla tours. Whether it’s a short city trip or an extensive tour of the surrounding areas, we promise a memorable adventure filled with comfort, luxury, and the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

Contact us now to book your personalized tour and take the first step towards an unforgettable experience in Dunedin. The future of travel is here, and it’s electric.

Phone: 0274811052



The Taxis Directory website is a directory of independent taxis. The initiative is designed to support independent taxis by allowing the pubic to find us online. By their nature, independent taxis provide a "premium" service for customers as you deal direct with the driver and they know their own schedule.


Our Goals

  • Provide & grow our sustainable taxi service.
  • Work towards building the ultimate taxi booking system that enables optimisation of income without overcharging customers.
  • To work with partners to build a solar energy farm, using sustainable and affordable methodologies, to power up the electric vehicles we use.

If you would like to come for a ride, contact Mark in the Tesla Model 3:

Phone: 0274811052

The Octagon



Flagfall $4.00
$4.00 per km
Waiting rate of $1.00 per minute
minimum fare $10.00


Flagfall $3.00
$3.40 per km
Waiting rate of $1.00 per minute
minimum fare $10.00


Tours are $100 per hour with a Minimum of 2 hours


Other Fees

  • Out of the Dunedin zone locations for either the pick-up and/or drop off, incur a $1 per km additional charge from/to the Octagon.
  • Airport transfers incur a $3.00 gate fee which we pass on to the customer.
  • A $2 electronic transaction fee applies to EFTPOS and In-App payments.
  • Any damage, spillage or mess made in the vehicles requiring the vehicle to be taken out of service and cleaned, may incur a vehicle soilage fee of up to $300 to help with cleaning costs and lost income.
  • Property left behind in taxi can be returned. It will either cost $10 if it can be dropped off while the driver is in your approximate area, at a time that suites the driver. Otherwise, a taxi fare is charged from the Octagon to pay a driver to drive directly to the customer as needed.


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