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The best way to book our cabs is to use our app. We have the cheapest rates during the day time (before 6pm) only available through the app.

Simply download 'Taxi Booker' from your respective Android or Apple stores (links below).

Important - After App is Installed:

  1. Run the Taxi Booker App
  2. When asked what company your with, type in 'cabshare'. This configures it to link with our branding and rates.
  3. Set up your account either manually or via Facebook login.
  4. You're good to book your ride. Payment details are entered direct in your app via Visa or Mastercard after entering your booking. The payment is processed by the driver in their app after the trip is completed. You are welcome to watch if you wish.
  5. There are no Eftpos Fees on app bookings.

Download links:


It is illegal to book a taxi with more than one company.

We don't take cancellation fees like some of the other companies, so please respect our better service, and don't waste the drivers time with fake bookings. If you must, please cancel bookings as soon as possible.



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