What is CabShare?
Professional Service

All drivers working for CabShare are professional drivers. Don't put your life and health in the hands of a random citizen that may or may not be a good driver.
  • The driver must have a passenger licence.
  • Each cab must comply with NZTA requirements.
  • The cab used must be a modern and well maintained vehicle with full commercial vehicle and liability insurance.
  • All cars are professionally fitted with a security camera to ensure greater peace of mind for both the passenger and the driver.
  • All taxis provide secure EFTPOS terminals for mobile processing of your payments.
  • We accept all normal forms of payment direct in the taxi.

Reduced Pollution

Vehicles performing trips for CabShare mostly use electric/ hybrid or similar pollution reducing technologies. You can feel confident knowing that you are supporting a company which is trying to move towards a sustainable future.

This future starts here in Dunedin with our first car, 'MTESLA', which is a Tesla Model 3. It is the latest in eco-friendly technology. This car can drive around all day on one ‘tank’ of electricity. The benefits of this car are that it produces none of the usual pollution attributed to cars that run on an internal combustion engine (ICE). A commonly overlooked fact about electric vs ICE is that they also don’t produce moisture. As a climate solution, and unlike the hydrogen engine which only produces H2O as a by-product, the electric car won’t add to the atmospheres ability to retain heat. 7.5 billion people, 1.4 million vehicles running at any one time, pumping out moisture & CO2, which both trap heat in our atmosphere.

Digital Bookings

  • Get The Cell Phone App
    This simplifies bookings and you can see the taxi on approach. The booking app simplifies the payment process as payment is processed upon completion of the job directly infront of you by the driver. No need for time wasting with manual payments. This is ideal for fast drop-off's, or arranging rides for someone when you can't be there to pay for it.
  • Book on your Computer - You can access the same booking system via our web portal here.



What is Ride Sharing

The first 'Shared Rides' were originally started as a car pooling extension. The difference between CabShare and Rideshare is that all drivers in CabShare are professional taxi drivers.

Shared rides are when more than one person share a ride to save time, emissions, and money. This, because of the nature of the task is much harder to arrange. Passengers need to be slightly flexible on pickup times, and need to not have too much luggage. They also need to agree to it, so if your waiting in a queue for a taxi and see our logo, there is no harm in asking if someone wants to share a ride. It always saves you money..


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